American Pool Client Solutions for Pool Ambassador and Pool Area Disinfecting Services.

As states provide guidance on safer operations during COVID-19, new requirements for social distance management and pool area disinfection have emerged. In the state of New Jersey, swimming facilities must have a designated Pool Ambassador to encourage social distance and manage pool area capacity in order to complete their COVID-19 Pool Operation Prevention Plan (CPOPP). Cleaning and Disinfection of frequently touched surfaces and shared objects must also occur in accordance with the new standards. The CDC has clearly advised that these tasks can’t be thrown onto the shoulders of the lifeguard staff because their primary responsibility must remain on preventing and responding to water related emergencies.

American Pool clients look to us for solutions to their swimming pool challenges. We are excited to be working with Planned Companies to provide high-quality options that can solve the pool area capacity and sanitation issues for as many of our clients as possible. 

As an American Pool client, your community will experience the following advantages when you select Planned Companies as your choice for Pool Ambassadors and Disinfecting Services: 

  • Preferred Pricing with onboarding and oversight/supervision provided at no additional charge.
  • Seamless Integration by a trusted partner with over 120 years of experience in the industry.

How Can Planned Companies Help American Pool Clients?

Planned Companies enables American Pool Clients to abide by newly established NJ pool reopening guidelines regarding social distancing, capacity limits, and routine disinfecting. Some details of their Pool Ambassador Program and Pool Area Disinfecting services include:

Pool Ambassador

  • Enforces COVID-19 Rules & Regulations
  • Reports directly to your community’s designated COVID-19 contact.
  • Maintains pool entry and enforces CPOPP capacity limits. 
  • Promotes social distancing throughout the pool area.
  • Logs observations and reports issues as required.

Pool Porter/Matron
Cleaning & Disinfecting in accordance with your CPOPP, including but limited to areas such as: 

  • Bathrooms
  • Changing Areas
  • Frequently Touched Surfaces
  • Pool Furniture
  • Pool Area Cleanup

All Planned Associates are fully trained in COVID-19 awareness protocols for assigned duties.

Staffing Pool Ambassadors and procuring adequate routine disinfecting services to the pool area are some of the strongest measures a community can make to improve the safety of their pool. Not only that, but if your pool is in the state of New Jersey, it’s required by law as part of your CPOPP. Providing these services through a reputable company that offers a seamless transition that benefits Property Managers and residents is key to achieving satisfaction during these challenging times. We hope that the Planned Companies program helps solve one of our clients’ most pressing concerns as they open their facility this season. 

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