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As a full-service company, our construction is done in-house. From design to completion, we take pride in creating new environments for families to enjoy.

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Pool Construction Services

Stay competitive with pool construction services, renovation, repairs and upgrades.

Overall, we provide pool construction services that include repairs, renovations and equipment upgrades along with new pool construction for your property.

American Pool is also here to help you get a competitive edge. To stand out from the crowd, your facility may need something more than a traditional rectangular pool.

In fact, you can engage a wider audience with a smart renovation. In recent years, we’ve seen an increase in a sprayground or interactive water feature integration.

If your budget isn’t ready for a full pool renovation, you might think about upgrading your existing equipment to save money on your monthly utilities. A simple item like new LED pool lights can make a big impact: One traditional pool light can use the same amount of energy as 20 LED pool lights. Other upgrades include chemical systems with built-in automation or variable speed motors.

Read more about each of our services below, visit our project gallery to see photos of pools and watch our recent pool construction project video.

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Pool construction project

Pool construction services

Chapel Beach Club opened in 1988. This members-only club located in Sea Bright, New Jersey was turned upside down by Hurricane Sandy. See how we rebuilt their business.

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Pool repairs and Renovation

With our in-house pool construction services, American Pool is able to provide a full-service repair and renovation menu to all types of pools. For large projects, we collaborate with our specialty subsidiaries like Pearl Pool Renovation and Specialty Pool and Fountain. Our services also include an After Care program to follow up with pool construction services work.

Here are some pool construction services highlights:

Three important pool safety acronyms

If you’re thinking about pool construction services or pool renovation services, there are three important acronyms that represent current or upcoming regulations are your facility. Take a moment to read through the information and let your pool professional know if you have any questions.



In 2010, the American’s with Disabilities Act added regulations for swimming pools. Today, many properties have ensured compliance through pool lifts and beach entries. But there are still properties that do not meet these requirements and are vulnerable to lawsuits. Title III of the ADA addresses accommodation requirements for public and some private businesses.

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The Virginia Graeme Baker Safety Act was enacted in 2007. This law addresses three areas, including vacuum release, potentially entrapping conditions and equipment and unsupervised children. It requires anti-entrapment devices to be installed and maintained in commercial pools and spas. Do you know if your pool’s main drains are VGB compliant?

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An automated external defibrillator or AED is a portable emergency device designed treat sudden cardiac arrest. An AED is used to check a person’s heart rhythm and deliver an electric shock if needed. AEDs are important emergency safety devices for pools and spas. In some areas of the country, pools are required to have AEDs available, as well as AED-trained lifeguards.

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New Pool Construction Services

Pool construction servicesAmerican Pool is here to offer pool construction services, design or just advice. Understanding the scope of your project can be difficult. So talk to a professional during your planning process. Our design and pool construction services staff are up-to-date on current commercial building codes and regulations, so you won’t overlook the important stuff. There is a right and a wrong way to build a commercial pool.

Other than regulations, you also must consider smart construction techniques. These not only address your current design, but allow for future add-ons or upgrades. Smart pool construction also helps to minimize maintenance costs and safety concerns. We choose to work with engineers, architects and contractors that have proven themselves in their industry. As a team, we execute and deliver on time and on budget.

Discover all the opportunities and why smart pool construction services are the way to go by contacting an office today.

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Fountain & Water Feature Construction

Pool construction servicesAmerican Pool works closely with contractors, manufacturers and municipalities on commercial fountain projects. We also have experience working with Federal, State and local governments. Our most notable accomplishments include our work with the 911 Pentagon memorial and the elephant and otter exhibits at the National Zoo.

More than an architectural element, water features are also great for play. Spraygrounds and spray pads are a hot new item to add to your pool area. Customers like them because they are energy efficient, easily customized and attractive for families with kids of all ages.

We also provide maintenance and repair for existing fountains. Like pools, fountains endure wear and tear due to the changing seasons, lifespan of the equipment and human interaction. An unbalance or maintained fountain will be costly to repair, so ask one of our locations about services for your water feature.

We build playgrounds

It’s true. Everything from design to installation.

As play environments become more dynamic, there is a great need for creative solutions – in and out of the water. Therefore, American Pool companies have partnered with BCI Burke Premier Play Environments to become your local playground installers of modular play environments for all ages.

Additional offerings include classic playground sets, shade structures and safety surfaces. We also offer other recreational equipment such as picnic tables, bike racks, grills and more.

Burke boasts a 90-year history and a top-level warranty program that assures quality and durability. Conveniently bundle your swimming pool renovation or pool construction services with your new playground environment.

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Magazine Highlight

How to get a playground for your property

The article Providing Play tells us about the six easy steps for planning, designing and installing a playground at your property. Hint: It’s not as hard as you might think.

Cross section of a pool wall

Each element is crucial for pool construction

Pool construction servicesSometimes when we look at a pool, we only see the surface elements. But there are layers to your pool’s structure and each plays its part.

One of the trends in pool construction today is a decorative concrete pool deck. While a pool deck may essentially look like a patio, it has unique requirements for slip resistance, sun reflectivity and orientation.

The capstone on top of the bond beam which finishes the edge around a pool or spa. It may be precast concrete or brick.

Pool tile comes in all sorts of colors and materials. Waterline tile lines the top edge of the pool below the coping stone – this helps keep things clean, since tile is easy to brush. You may also see tile your stairs (transition tile) or creating a mosaic at the bottom of your wading pool (accent tile).