Winter Storm NemoEarly Saturday morning, February, 9 2013, winter storm Nemo is scheduled to hit historic accumulation levels in the North East. There are major storm warnings in New Jersey, New York and New England. Each state in the path of this storm has taken action to anticipate worsened road conditions and potential power outages.

Please consider the following for your commercial swimming pool as we move into this heavy snow:

Pool Covers:
Pool covers are designed to hold the weight of snow by sagging and resting on the surface of the pool water. Do not be alarmed by the weight and accumulation of snow on the cover, but be on the lookout for lingering accumulations of water once the snow melts. If your pool professional has been out to your property during this winter, the cover straps should have been adjusted and the water in the pool will be at the correct level.

Freshwater plumbing:
Verify that all heat tape on existing fresh water plumbing is secure and operational.

Heated bathrooms:
For those pools that have year-round heated areas, please keep in mind that power outages may eventually result in frozen pipes. Consider shutting off and back draining any pipes that may potentially be affected.

Filter Rooms:
Buildings that have below-grade filter rooms, please try to keep the drains clear upon thaw.

Pool Professional:
Keep the number to your pool contractor on hand in case there are any issues related to the swimming pool or pool equipment.

For more on the storm and how it might impact your area, visit your online local weather authority or national broadcaster – or