Don't overlook the pool bathrooms

Don’t overlook the pool bathrooms

Most swimmers visit the pool bathroom or locker room to stash away belongings and shower off before entering the pool. Pool management services and committee board members know the importance of keeping these areas clean, but it might be time to look into new pool bathroom decor.

Though pool renovation can be one of the biggest focal points for garnering visitor interest, having an attractive changing area’s also crucial. Don’t let an outdated locker room or pool bathroom undermine the beauty of your newly renovated pool.

Use great designs

An easy way to tie your pool and locker room or bathroom together seamlessly is with color. Choose colors within the same family to ensure that guests have an easy visual transition from the locker room to the pool. If your facility features a pattern, consider echoing the same design inside the locker rooms or bathrooms. Pool renovation projects may not extend into the bathroom or locker room, but it’s a part of the facility that many guests will visit, so remember to make this space as attractive as your pool.

Repainting all the walls or changing the tiles may be costly. If it’s not in the budget to make these changes, consider speaking to artistic staff members and asking them to paint simple designs on the doors of lockers and stalls that tie back to elements in the pool. It’s a small project that will be quickly noticed and appreciated.

Offer some privacy

Locker rooms don’t always offer guests the most privacy. Visitors may opt to change in the shower or bathrooms. You can alter this environment to give individuals more personal space. Consider having changing booths with doors instead of curtains. This way, people won’t have to change in rooms that others may need for other uses.

Make the shower attractive

Visitors might bypass the shower for various reasons. However, those working in pool maintenance services know how important rinsing off before entering the pool is. Encourage visitors to shower by making it a fun feature that they won’t want to miss. You can do this in a variety of ways – from fun signs, to colorful designs or timers that require a level of interaction, such as hourglasses or digital timers.

Keeping up with trends is an important aspect of managing a commercial facility. It’s important to monitor all aspects of a site, from the pools to the pool bathroom decor. Making these spaces as wonderful as the pool will give patrons a great experience all around.