Consider colorful splash pad lighting

Consider colorful splash pad lighting

Commercial pool management services and committee boards know the growing popularity of splash pads. These interactive attractions require less supervision and provide fun for participants of all ages.

Though most people enjoy splash pads during the day, Recreation Management magazine pointed out that many splash pads have been adding lights to allow participants to play well into the night. Providing colorful splash pad lighting even after the sun has set gives guests a different environment in which to splash around.

Embrace the night

The fun factor doesn’t have to go down with the sun. Extending the facility’s hours by putting in lights over a splash pad is a great way to appeal to a broader audience. Many parents work during the day and aren’t able to take their children to the splash pad. Young adults may have jobs or summer courses in the daytime. For many, nothing’s better than cooling down at a pool or running through a splash pad. Your facility may be missing out on a large number of visitors by closing before sundown. Consider staying open for a few more hours and gauge community interest before committing to the concept.

You’ll want to have plenty of splash pad lighting installed before extending hours. Contact pool construction services to help assess your facility for the optimal locations for splash pad lighting and the best bulbs to use. Once everything’s in place, schedule a few staff members to supervise the nighttime fun. Let the community know about the trial run and think about making the schedule change permanent.

Plan ahead

Winter’s the perfect time to employ the help of professional pool services. The quieter season means that experts will have time for consultation and planning. Having lighting installed when the splash pads aren’t being used will ensure that the site is ready for peak season. Additionally, you’ll have more time to think of different splash pad lighting options and decide which one best fits your facility’s style.

When peak season arrives and the later hours of splash pad fun are a big hit, you can have more fixtures or lighting put in. Construction services can install splash pad lighting that will bring bright colors to an otherwise flat environment.

Make sure you look into pool compliance regulations before committing to the project. Safety always comes first, and once you have the precautions in place, you can enjoy the unique fun of nighttime play.