Cracked pool tiles can mean big trouble

Cracked pool tiles can mean big trouble

There are many parts to a pool, all of which need to be monitored, as pool maintenance services know. What may seem like a small problem could very well be hiding a more serious issue.

If the tiles are cracked, loose or have fallen off, it could be the cause or effect of a bigger problem. It could be an indicator of beam damage, which requires expert handling. Or, if you’re in a region that experiences low temperatures, the waterline may not have been lowered properly, and the frozen water surface may have expanded, breaking the waterline tiles.

Know what lies beneath
Though the interior surface of a pool is smooth, there are many parts behind the tile that may be damaged and out of sight. The tiles touch the pool beam, which then leads to the caulk joint and eventually the deck. Damage can start in any area and spread to others if left unattended.

Don’t overlook the potential problem
As soon as you spot tile trouble, assess the surrounding area to see if there are any other problems. Though further damage may not be obvious, don’t assume that the trouble is limited to the tile. Reach out to a professional full-service pool company to diagnose and remedy the problem. If it’s a simple matter that can be fixed with maintenance services or a larger one that requires pool renovation services, working with an organization that houses all of these departments will ensure that the issue is taken care of as quickly as possible.

Keep swimmers safe
Not only can damaged tiles be part of a larger problem, they can also be safety hazards. Tiles are located in a high traffic area of the pool, and swimmers may brush by these cracked surfaces, risking injuries. Calling in a professional pool company to assess the damage and fix the issue will better protect swimmers and get your pool in optimal shape again.

Work with a full-service company
Developing a professional relationship with a full-service company will ensure that any problems your pool may encounter will be quickly tended to. With so many factors to monitor, details such as a cracked tile may be overlooked, and sharing the responsibility with professional maintenance services means that there are extra sets of eyes looking out for your pool’s safety.