Take advantage of staycations at your pool

Take advantage of staycations at your pool

The economy has forced many families to cut back on vacations, but with some adjustments, commercial pools can provide the getaway that they’re looking for. Apartment and condo pool services can feature staycations, which allow community members to enjoy some leisurely time without having to leave their hometowns.

Staycations are affordable alternatives for families to spend quality time together. You can create a hotel-like atmosphere with a few adjustments. Think about offering finger foods and mocktails, and have staff members hand out towels or put up some brightly colored umbrellas for a tropical feel.

Figure out the numbers
Gather the staff and brainstorm some ideas that will transform the facility into a destination trip for community members. See if any employees are interested in dressing up for a theme day, or handing out appetizers for a few hours. Small changes can have a big effect when it comes to pools in apartment buildings. Residents are familiar with the facility, so changing up the atmosphere will have a fun and interactive effect.

Keep all parties busy
Your staff members can keep everyone happy by dividing into teams. One group can offer food to adults, while the other leads fun activities for the kids. This will give parents some time to themselves, which can be hard to come by. This approach ensures that everybody enjoys him or herself.

Decorate accordingly
Consider purchasing some simple themed decor to help set up the environment. This can be a great opportunity to look into poolside equipment that needs to be replaced. Brightly colored umbrellas can be used for the staycation events and can be further used during peak season.

Consider bigger projects
Nothing’s more exciting for patrons than an interactive feature. If community members can’t go to water parks, bring the aspects of a water park to them. From slides to waterfalls and more, there’s an endless array of fixtures that you can invest in. Swimmers will love this new addition, and your pool will stand out from the others in the area.

The economy doesn’t have to mean decreased fun for pool patrons. Your facility has the opportunity to create a unique oasis for staycations that’s affordable and close by. Additionally, come peak season, if your facility’s been a hit, families may opt to continue visiting your site for their aquatic activities instead of traveling to other locations.