5 tips for converting a wading pool into a spray pad

5 tips for converting a wading pool into a spray pad

Pools face a unique challenge. They’re aquatic environments that families can enjoy, but the popularity of water parks has forced property and pool managers to reassess their sites.

Competitive pools have received less attention over the years as water parks pop up around the country, offering interactive elements such as wave pools and lazy rivers. Though commercial pools may not reach the level of activity that water parks achieve, there are ways to heighten the fun factor if your site has a wading pool.

Recognize the potential in wading pools
Wading pools are great, but standing water can gather contaminants. Without the same cleaning equipment that pools use, these sites can be hard to maintain. Additionally, families may not be as attracted to these sites as they would be to water parks.

To solve this problem, you can convert your wading pool into a spray pad. This way, you’ll be able to install plenty of interactive features, including spray nozzles and water spouts. Here are some ideas to consider while you plan.

1. Cater to different age groups: If the area is large enough, you can divide the spray pad into different sections. One section can include fixtures that are appropriate for younger children, and another can feature ones for older children. This ensures that families with children of all ages can enjoy the new amenities.

2. Operate later: You can show your site’s commitment to family-friendly fun by extending operating hours, as suggested by Recreation Management magazine. Spray pads are safer than pools because they don’t have standing water. Installing lights around the site will allow guests to cool down during hot summer temperatures even after the sun has set.

3. Pick a theme: You can make your spray pad more unique by establishing a theme. From a rainforest setting to a treasure island, you have many options to choose from. This way, your spray pad will stand out among others within the area.

4. Change things up: Alternatively, if you want guests to have a different experience each time they visit, you can invest in interchangeable fixtures. This way, you can slowly accumulate new pieces every year and change the site accordingly. If you have enough variety, you might even be able to feature different themes.

If you’re interested in having your wading pool converted into a spray pad, reach out to pool construction services. These experts can assess your site and give you insight on the best configuration that would best fit your needs.