3 reasons to invest in a CD ozonator for your pool

3 reasons to invest in a CD ozonator for your pool

There are many pieces of equipment that pool maintenance workers use. Some are absolutely necessary, such as pumps and filters. Others simply make swimming pool maintenance and water disinfecting procedures easier, such as chemical automation and CD ozonators.

If your facility is ready to invest in a piece of equipment that can lighten the maintenance workload, corona-discharge ozonators may be the perfect items. These will benefit maintenance staff members and swimmers.

Know the benefits
Every pool needs chlorine in order to stay clean. Commercial facilities need to keep large quantities of disinfectant and other balancing chemicals on hand at all times. Any number and type of contaminants can make their way into the pool water. It’s up to your maintenance workers to assess the chemical levels and balance them accordingly. CD ozonators can improve the overall ability and process of chlorine distribution and swimmer experience. Here’s how.

1. More efficient cleaning: CD ozonators create oxidization by taking ambient air or oxygen and breaking up the molecules into individual atoms with a high voltage, according to Powertron Electronic Engineers. The atoms then recombine as O3, better known as ozone. The purer the oxygen, the higher the grade of ozone that’s produced.

Ozone is much more efficient at getting rid of contaminants than chlorine. This doesn’t mean that chlorine won’t be necessary. CD ozonators supplement chlorine, not replace it. As soon as ozone oxidizes the water, the chlorine can efficiently clean the rest of the contaminants. This two step approach makes cleaning the water quick and easy.

2. Lower chlorine usage: Because ozone does much of the work that chlorine does, and at a faster speed, there’s less overall demand for chlorine in the water. This cuts down on chemical cost over time and prevents pool maintenance workers from having to handle large amounts of chlorine at a time, increasing safety.

3. Less irritation: Having to use less chlorine means that swimmers will experience less skin irritation and eye redness from the fluctuating PH of the disinfectant. This is especially beneficial to those who have sensitive skin or eyes, including young children and the elderly. Advertising the new fixture when you install it will let swimmers know that the water quality at your pool has improved and will draw attention.

If you want to reap benefits from advanced technology with a proven track record, you should  look no further than CD ozonators and invest in this new piece of equipment immediately,