2 reasons why documentation is essential at pools

2 reasons why documentation is essential at pools

Paperwork is a huge part of any industry, and this is especially true in pool management. Between human resources and maintenance, there are many documents that managers have to keep and file away.

In preparation for and during peak season, these tasks can fall to the wayside. However, this can be risky. You never know when you’ll need to provide proof of something, whether it’s lifeguard certification or the last time that the filter was changed. Creating an organization system and maintaining it will ensure that everything is properly stored.

Dividing up sections
Each department should have its own filing system. This ensures that paperwork doesn’t get mixed up. Staff members in different departments may unintentionally throw something important away. Avoid this potential problem by asking each department to maintain its own paperwork.

There are many reasons why managers may need to present official documentation. Here are two to consider.

1. Routine inspections: Optimizing safety at a pool involves performing inspections. These inspections are most effective if done by third parties. Therefore, you may be required to present official documentation detailing various aspects of your pool. One major safety factor that has been a concern for public pools is the installation and upkeep of anti-entrapment drain covers that comply to the Virginia Graeme Baker Act. Inspectors may provide you with additional paperwork – such as forms that verify the functionality of an automated external defibrillator.

2. Presentations: Proper documentation can truly pay off if you’re planning on holding a presentation. This may be to market your pool to the community or it may be a required procedure, as it was for a military aquatics director whose supervisor asked for a presentation regarding the training and certification of the pool’s lifeguards, according to Aquatics International magazine. Knowing the details and being able to provide written proof is a quick way to make a great impression. During these meetings, be aware of what information you can and cannot share.

Ensuring that the paperwork is maintained may require delegating extra tasks to pool staff members, but once everybody gets used to the layout, the process will be a breeze. Additionally, reassessing the current organization system can make filing easier. Figure out which employees can and cannot access these documents. Speak with other managers to figure out the best setup that will fit the needs of the facility.