4 reasons to buy a pool cover this summer

4 reasons to buy a pool cover this summer

In addition to being the favored place of the community to cool off during the hot summer months, your pool may also be easy on the eyes. The right pool design can enhance a facility’s status in the mindsĀ of patrons, which means more swimmers at your pool throughout an already busy season.

One of the biggest priorities of pool maintenance services is to preserve this beautiful aesthetic, which is why you may be reluctant to add a pool cover to your facility in the middle of the summer. While this piece of equipment may not be the most visually appealing to your swimmers, the protection it offers to your pool should be more than enough to convince you to invest in one. Check out these four ways covers make your pool a better place to swim during the summer months.

Covers prevent evaporation
It’s no secret that it gets hot in the summer. It’s also obvious that water evaporates when placed under a great heat source. When the sun and your pool meet during the summer, this means that your pool water will disappear at a greater rate.

Having patrons in the water during the day may reduce this effect, but an uncovered pool will still lose water during the night. Place a cover over your pool after hours to block excess heat from the surface of the water. The cover will also trap whatever moisture happened to evaporate so this supply can rejoin the original water.

Over time, this will reduce your water bill so you can reinvest in other areas of pool management.

Reduces chemical usage
Especially in large facilities, many pool managers have to treat their water every day with chemicals. While pool covers don’t replace water treatments, they can drastically cut down on the chemicals needed to purify a water supply.

By blocking foreign debris from trees, bushes, insects and animals, covers reduce both the mechanical and chemical cleaning necessary to open up a pool in the morning. With some clever folding during removal, the cover can wrap up all debris so the water is left sparkling and clear.

Solar panels make you money
If your pool is in a particularly sunny location, you may want to consider investing in a pool cover with solar panels. Solar-Pool.com explained that solar panel covers let a small portion of diffused sunlight through, so the water underneath is naturally heated by the elements. However, solar panel covers still trap all moisture from harmful evaporation so no water is lost.

Some pool managers reported saving up to $200 a month on their heating bills with solar panel covers, and many manufacturers claim their products can eliminate 70 percent of pool heating costs. If you’re looking to protect your facility and make some extra money while you’re at it, solar panel covers might be the best option.

Protects from worst-case scenarios
As a pool manager, is there any worse situation than to get a call in the middle of the night explaining that someone has snuck into your facility and injured him or herself? The fact is that pools are an attractive location to sneak into for adventurous teenagers, but pool covers can prevent trespassers from injuring themselves on your property.

A properly affixed pool cover prevents any swimmer from inadvertently entering the water. Some covers come with heavy latches and springs to stay in place so only experienced staff members can remove them.

There are many more ways covers can benefit your pool, but regardless of your motivations, you should consider adding one to your facility today to save money and protect your patrons.