Italian pool named deepest in the world

Italian pool named deepest in the world

Modern pools are built with an exhaustive host of amenities and special features. Waterfalls and spillways can turn an ordinary facility into one worthy of a five-star resort, and a slide and diving board put smiles on the faces of every child who swims at your pool. But what if pool construction services ditched the luxury add-ons and went for something different altogether?

That’s what Italian architect Emanuele Boaretto did for the Y-40 pool in Padua’s Hotel Terme Millepini. Instead of creating another resort-type pool with multiple islands spotted with palm trees and a swim-up wet bar, Boaretto designed the world’s deepest pool with a vertical drop of 40 meters, or just over 131 feet, The Huffington Post reported.

A long, slow fall
On the surface, Y-40 might appear like any other hotel swimming pool. It has a surface area of roughly 68 by 60 feet, though it does hold more than 1.1 million gallons of water kept between 89 and 93 degrees by a natural hot spring. It sounds like a normal place to go for a dip until you see the precipitous drop more than a hundred feet straight down, separated in spots by platforms swimmers can use to rest during their descents.

“We want to open up new medium and long term work prospects to try and guarantee prosperity, not only for my company but also for the surrounding land and society,” Boaretto explained in a statement. “Y-40 is unique in its field thanks to the spa water, which can’ be outsourced.”

Not surprisingly, Boaretto’s Y-40 pool has been officially recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records as the deepest pool in the world, though the organization claims Y-40’s depth extends an extra seven feet. Y-40 has held the title of world’s deepest pool since its grand opening May 11, 2014.

Guests of the Hotel Terme Milepini can book access to the pool with their rooms, including a SCUBA-assisted dive all the way down to its floor. A one-night stay at the hotel with pool access included will run you about $500.

The pool’s unique design makes it useful for a wide variety of purposes. While swimmers can enjoy a recreational dip when the pool is clear, SCUBA training groups and scientific researchers have used the facility as well.