Pool Water Features

Adding a pool enhancement like a water feature, fountain, or lighting can significantly enhance your pool. A water feature gives your pool a dynamic, high-end feel, which can become a talking point for why customers should spend their summers with you. Underwater lighting sets the mood for evening pool parties and soirees and can even extend the pool’s hours.  Whether your a kid or kid-at-heart, Even the simplest features can create a splash when it comes to play. So relax and enjoy the soothing sound of cascading water. Sound is an essential part of why water features are so enchanting. Here are a few pool additions to consider:

Underwater Lighting

Ambiance. You can control it with underwater lighting. Your pool can become a centerpiece to celebrations, and a nighttime destination on warm summer evenings. Whether you choose white lighting or a colorful option like ColorLogic LED lighting by Hayward, pool lighting can enhance and draw attention to fountains, bubblers, steps, or even landscaping. With colorful lighting, your pool or spa becomes a light show. Hayward’s LED light system offers 10 vibrant solid colors and 7 different light shows. You can even customize your theme using your smartphone!

Water Fountains

Enjoy the stress relieving sound of falling water. Did you know that adding a fountain can reduce noise from outside your pool? Fountains add beauty, but they can also help circulate your pool’s water. This helps to keep chemicals moving, push debris to the filter, and reduce algae problems. Don’t worry that a fountain will waste water, today’s water fountains are built with water conservation in mind. Most fountains recycle water from either the pool or their own water system. Get inspired by the great work of our partner Specialty Pool and Fountain. If you do decide to install a water fountain American Pool can help keep your fountains in proper working order.

Spillways and Grottos

These features pack a real visual punch. Whether you’re looking to create a spa-like atmosphere using a sheer waterfall or a modern retreat using a spillway your pool goers will be sure to talk about these pool additions! Turn your pool into a natural oasis using a rock grotto-style pool feature that blends into the surrounding landscape. The key to adding one of these features is to work with a designer who shares your vision and demonstrates excellent workmanship and artistry. For example, Specialty Pool and Spa in Alpharetta, GA integrates existing architecture into new designs and considers the landscape design and outdoor structures part of the pool building process.

Slides and Splashpads

For pool communities that cater to families, slides and splashpads are a big hit! Slides are great for older children who know how to swim. Many slides are located in the deep end of the pool so lifeguards should make sure kids can swim confidently to the exit ladder if they want to use the slide. We suggest implementing as swim test which earns the child a wristband as a way to ensure safety. Splashpads are an excellent way for young children to interact with water even if they cannot swim. Parents can participate in water play with their young child at a splashpad without the safety concerns of the swimming pool.

A Note About Water Safety

If you have a water feature that provides an interactive water environment, you will need to adhere to health department standards for water quality. Neglected fountains can become expensive and detract from your property’s appeal. American Pool provides regular service schedules that include cleaning, equipment maintenance, preventative maintenance, and chemical treatment. If you choose American Pool or one of its partner brands to install a pool addition you can rest easy knowing we are pool construction experts who can build and maintain your water feature to the highest standards.

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