In 1984, Ronald Regan was president, Prince’s When Doves Cry played in regular rotation on the radio and everyone wanted to see Beverly Hills Cop at the movies. It’s also the year American Pool created their first logo. For the last 34 years, our star logo has been a symbol of quality workmanship to our valued clients. For many of our employees, who have been with us since our humble beginnings, it represents the growth from small business to the largest commercial swimming pool management, maintenance, and renovation operation in the United States.

It’s All Things Water

We’re certainly not the same company we were in 1984, and now is the right time to craft a new logo that captures the energy and opportunities that now define us as a company as we embrace the future. Our new logo encompasses American Pool’s expertise with all things water whether it’s creating a pool and spa environment to contain it, or correctly chemically balancing the water to provide a safe swimming and play area for pool goers. The wave can also imply a hand outstretched in service, as our mission is to serve our clients with care, thoughtfulness, and honesty.

Dex Mission, the logo’s designer, says that maintaining the star icon and associated colors were vital to the company’s rebrand, but the logo was enhanced with elements of both water and service.

“While employing the golden ratio to compose core shapes, the new American Pool logo strengthens its core-branding aesthetic equity by maintaining recognizable colors and forms, while enhancing its star icon with elements of water and service. ” – Dex Mission

Communicating the New Look

In the past few weeks, we’ve been busy communicating the change to our employees and customers. We believe that communicating the logo changes to all our stakeholders is the best way to alleviate confusion when making any significant change in how we represent our brand. Now it’s time to let all of you know that while American Pool has a new look, our goal is still the same; to provide excellent management and service to all our valued customers.

Roll Out

Rolling our a new logo takes time. As we make the change you may see American Pool trucks still using the old logo and employees wearing the old logo. You can rest assured that either logo is representing the American Pool brand, but you can expect to see our new logo more often as we move forward. American Pool is excited to have this new logo as we grow and move forward.

So be on the lookout for our new logo! We’re confident it will represent quality pool management, service, and construction for many years in the future!