A crystal clear pool is the key to an overall positive pool experience for residents and community managers alike. Delivering and maintaining a beautiful, healthy pool requires a combination of resources, experience, and training. At American Pool we recognize that once we’ve made the right hire, it’s essential that we support our staff with the most beneficial tools and knowledge. This is why we’ve made the investment in providing all of our pool maintenance professionals with advanced training. Through the National Swimming Pool Foundation, our pool professionals are armed with certified Pool & Spa Inspector training and Field Service Professional training. Our pool professionals complete this training within their first 60 days as a full-time employee. Our field associates then proceed to complete their NSPF Certified Pool Operator training within their first 120 days of employment. This training is essential to providing helpful, knowledgeable staff. It ensures that our team can perform consistent pool and spa inspections as well as routine maintenance at your aquatic facility.  

What is a Certified Pool Operator?

A CPO is an individual with the knowledge and skills to properly maintain pools. CPOs must successfully complete courses in maintaining disinfection and water balance, managing water problems, water chemistry, chemical hazards, risk reduction, filters and pumps, pool calculations, and more. In many states, the 16 hour certification program is required to perform maintenance on any pool in that state. Find out if your state requires CPO certification and learn more about the program here. Undoubtedly, specific knowledge is necessary to properly maintain healthy swimming pools. Therefore, it makes good sense to have a CPO properly handle those details!

Pool Preservation

Proper maintenance dictates the life of your pool equipment and structure. Beyond being knowledgeable in the local health department requirements, a CPO has also been trained in the finer points of swimming pool chemistry. Poor chemistry drastically reduces the life of pool heaters, motors and interior finishes. CPO knowledge and experience assure an effective pool inspection. In these inspections, our professionals identify potential safety hazards and other items that require attention. Therefore, these inspections are necessary to prevent expensive damage by neglect. From fine surface cracks to broken tile and corroded equipment, a CPO knows where to look to identify areas of concern that may escape the untrained eye.

Safe Water

A properly cleaned and managed pool is a safe pool. Certified Pool Operators perform scheduled water chemistry checks. They may use sophisticated automation equipment to ensure your pool is safe for swimmers during operating hours. CPOs are educated and certified in the science of pool chemistry. They understand the relationships between readings and proper sanitation. Inconsistent water management contributes to an accumulation of biofilm and pathogens in the pool that are invisible to the naked eye. Therefore, hiring an experienced CPO is an essential ingredient to healthy swimming. 

Beyond chemistry, a Certified Pool Operator has been trained in Federal VGBA requirements. With this training, they are able to identify and offer solutions to suction entrapment hazards.

Property Value Increases

Will your pool be an eyesore or a gleaming gem? A properly maintained, crystal clear pool increases property value by adding immediate curb appeal. Whether a community or residential pool, people immediately value a property more when the pool is sparkling. CPOs ensure that your pool is maintained to a high standard.

Here at American Pool, we’re absolutely committed to providing the best service through the most knowledgeable staff. This is why we have made the investment in certifying our field professionals. Stay tuned to the blog for more information on the AST training and certification program and how it’s benefiting our clients.

There’s a lot that goes into maintaining a healthy, beautiful pool, and most of the work occurs behind the scenes. So why not partner with  a company that takes training,safety and healthy swimming seriously? Learn more about American Pool’s management and maintenance services here.