Community Recruiting Resources

Let’s work together 

If there’s one thing we’ve learned over the years when it comes to lifeguard recruiting, it’s to leave no stone unturned. As a community manager, you have the ability to reach hundreds if not thousands of people through your network! It’s highly likely that a person in their household, or someone they know, would love to explore a summer position with us. We understand that you may not want your residents working within your community but we have many jobs available for them nearby! 

Mutual Success 

This page was created to make it easy for you to let residents and networks know about the great summer employment opportunities with us! The following links and graphics can be used in your resident newsletters, community pages, social media platforms, and common areas. We are all working together to support a solid lifeguard team in your area. Thanks in advance for helping get the word out! 


Digital Assets for Recruiting Lifeguards

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