Now that swimming season is over, it is time to winter-proof the pool. This autumn, consider pool maintenance to make sure that your pool tile will be safe from freezing temperatures. This way, when swimmers return, the pool will be ready to go.

Having the right tiles
Pool tiles can crack during wintertime. Cracked pool tiles can result from pressure caused by incorrect water levels. A damaged bond beam may also be the culprit. Additionally, Pool Center pointed out that the tiles may not be frost-free. Not all pool tiles are proofed for the winter, so double-check that the tiles in the pool are appropriate.

Take a look at the expansion joints.
The expansion joints in the pool allow for temperature change. According to Redbeacon, the caulking on the joint can wear down and crack over time, so be sure to seal it properly before winter arrives. Otherwise, water can get in through the joint and behind the tiles. When the water freezes, it expands and causes the tile to pop off. It is possible for water to freeze in the expansion joint itself, which will also cause loose and falling tiles. In addition, it can also lead to beam damage.

Adjust to the right level
Water level is crucial in winter-proofing a tiled pool. If the water level is too high, it can damage the pool tiles upon freezing. The surface water will expand and place too much pressure against the tile, causing it to crack. It is advisable to keep water levels some distance below where the tiles are to prevent any damage.

Winter can be harsh on pools and can possibly cause a lot of damage. There are many factors to consider, from seals to water levels to covers. However, calling in some pool maintenance may not only ease the job but also provide a professional eye that can spot any potentially compromising spots on the pool.

If any pool tiles should fall off, refrain from repairing them right away and call in pool experts to take a look. The problems could very well stem from underneath. Simply replacing fallen tiles will only prolong and extend the level of damage the pool sustains. To ensure the best maintenance of the pool during the winter season, prepare accordingly and do not hesitate to reach out for assistance.