The typical pool consists of a large basin filled with water, which may become bland for frequent guests overtime. As a commercial pool manager, you’re aware of the additional features that your site can offer. If your pool is lacking in interactive water features, consider hiring quality pool construction services to install some great new additions on your commercial pool, such as a spray pad or waterfall.

Offer interactive fun 
Spray pads spray water into the air, creating an interactive environment that children and adults can both enjoy. Though the water is constantly moving, commercial sites still have to use treatments to ensure safety regulations set by health departments. In order to satisfy building and health department codes, spray pads also need to have a specific turnover rate. In other words the spray pad needs to circulate all water back into the system and reuse it at a set speed.

One of the great benefits of spray pads is their versatility. They can be placed into almost any configuration. You can have one or many areas where the water comes up. You can have preset timers that determine when and how often there’s spray, or you can have the function manually operated by guests.

Swimming is a great form of exercise, but for younger children who have yet to learn, a spray pad is a great way to include them in the fun without having to worry about the depth. The installation would require more land, so if you can expand your site, think about doing so.

Alternatively, you could look into having a waterfall installed on your existing pool. This can be a fun interactive fixture for kids and a relaxing background for adults. It’s a small and simple addition that will be sure to excite new guests and old ones.

Pools are one of the highlights of any hotel or vacation destination. A pool offers hours of fun and games for children and adults. It is also one of the more customizable facilities. Take advantage of the numerous additions that pools can boast and look into making your site more exciting.

Of course, with additional features, it’s imperative to supply the necessary precautions. Before you invest in an interactive feature, make sure that your organization has access to and can afford to hire additional staff to keep an eye on guests. Spray pads will promote a lot of fast movement, so make sure you don’t place the responsibility on the already appointed lifeguards. Have separate employees for the pool and the spray pad to ensure the most safety.