Pools attract many visitors, who may introduce many potential pollutants into the water. Commercial pool management is well aware of the importance of a pre-swim shower. However, guests may not be as knowledgeable and bypass the rinse. Though you could put up signs that detail the health hazards of not showering before jumping in, this may wind up scaring potential swimmers away. Instead, try a new approach and make the pool shower more fun.

Incorporate fun signage

One of the easiest methods to try is placing fun eye-catching signs. You can place these on the wall or have them painted on the floor. Be sure the signage grabs attention right away so swimmers will notice it before they jump into the pool. Direct your visitors to the shower with arrows and instructions. To promote a thorough shower, you may even want to think about installing a cheap waterproof timer, or placing a few hourglass timers at each stall , making the activity more fun and engaging.

Look at interesting shower heads

Pre-swim showers can seem pretty boring in comparison to the amusement offered by pools. Consider making the showers themselves more attractive by installing fun faucets. You can reach out to professional pool construction services to see if there’s any way they could help make your facility’s showers more attractive. Look for organizations that make pools as well as spray pads, since the latter are essentially exciting showers. Alternatively, you and your staff could decorate the shower with pool noodles made into fun shapes. The outlines of flower petals would be a simple craft project that would definitely change the look of a standard pool shower.

Promoting safe play at a commercial pool doesn’t stop with safe practices or having the essential equipment. Managers must also find ways to promote good procedures on the swimmers’ parts to make sure the water is as clean as possible. Making the shower more appealing could be a solution.