The economy has been rough for businesses in the U.S. For commercial pool management, this can be a devastating setback. A large facility requires constant maintenance and security. If a site is not properly cared for, repair work may be required and with decreased funds, it could mean a financial crisis. If managers can plan carefully and are willing to do some extra work, caring for a commercial pool does not have to break the bank.

Save on water treatments
An unavoidable expense for commercial pool management is the purchasing of water treatments. If purchased correctly items will be consumed and shelf life will not be an issue. First, make sure that you’re buying a good quality product that is giving optimal performance for your pool. Every pool has different water properties, depending on the environment.

If you’re not sure whether your current treatments are the best, reach out to pool maintenance services and schedule a time for their staff to come in and run some tests. This will cost some money, but in order to provide the best treatments for your pool, you need to know what the water requires and industry professionals will be able to help you gain a better understanding. Additionally, ask if they can direct you to the most price-sensitive supplier or company to supply the items needed. Alternatively, you can take a water sample to your local pool store which has onsite testing equipment.

Install quality products
A high-quality filter will require less work and offer more years of service. This stands true for any products your pool requires. It may be tempting to purchase a lower quality item, especially when the budget is tight, but investing in a better unit will save your organization more money in the long run. This would be another good topic to discuss with professional maintenance services, since they’ll be more knowledgeable about the market and its offerings. Don’t be afraid to ask if they know of the most competitive prices.

Keep up with maintenance
Serious problems can arise if you don’t keep up with routine maintenance, which can result in higher costs. Investing in quality products also means using them and cleaning them properly. With the right equipment and a strong work ethic, maintaining a commercial pool doesn’t have to stretch your organization’s budget.