Pool construction services can help you convert or construct spray pads on site. Spray pads are an increasingly popular attraction for commercial pools. As a commercial pool owner, it’s important to keep up with ongoing trends in order to meet customer demand and stay ahead.

Keep it fun
Spray pads are great locations for families to gather, where all members can enjoy the interactive features. As such, you’ll want to consider having specific areas for different age groups. Younger children and older adults can experience the fun of gentle flowing water, whereas older kids and parents can frolic among fixtures that encourage more activity and teamwork.

You can take the unique factor a step further by having a themed spray pad. The endless palette of colors, shapes and features ensures that you’ll have plenty of themes to work with. Look for a full-service pool company that will have valuable insight on the types of fixtures that attract the most attention. Additionally, their pool maintenance services can advise you on best practices that will keep your new spray pad in good condition. Explore popular themes such as a pirate cove or a jungle to further encourage imaginative play.

Recreation Management magazine suggested having interchangeable parts, which will allow you to adjust various parts of your spray pad season after season. You’ll be able to unveil a new site every year without having to entirely renovate the area. This doesn’t have to be done immediately, you can slowly invest and accumulate various fixtures.

Additionally, the group pointed out that expansion is preferable to renovation. If you already have a spray pad and are hoping to increase attendance, you may be able to do so within budget by expanding the site rather than having it completely redone.

Although spray pads require less supervision than pools, there are still safety measures that need to be taken. A full-service pool company has management staff members who will be knowledgeable in the best safety features and their construction services will be able to implement these features into your site. This helps take the responsibility off of property managers and committee board members, who may not be as well aware of safety features, regulations and features.

Winter is a great time to reach out to pool construction services, as they’ll have plenty of time for consultation and work, ensuring that your spray pads will be ready for swimming season.