Host events at your pool

Host events at your pool

Pool management services are familiar with the many uses for their pools. From recreational fun to competitive swimming and much more, visitors love the water.

Your commercial pool is a unique environment that many community members may be interested in for pool events, such as birthday parties or meetings. Think about opening up the facility for social or business gatherings that participants will never forget.

Know what you can offer

Every pool features different amenities – a residential pool can be a great venue for children’s birthday parties, a hotel pool might be an interesting meeting spot, a community could host pool events that are public or private, like movie nights. Committee board members and directors can assess what type of events can be held at the site and work toward attracting the appropriate audience.

People are always looking for venues that make their events stand out. What better way to do that than at a pool, where visitors can lounge in chairs or take a dip in the water? Even if you only have a basic, rectangular leisure pool, there are many people who would love the opportunity to host a poolside party.

Staff accordingly

Depending on the type of event that’s being held, you’ll want to staff the pool accordingly. A children’s birthday party will call for lifeguards, whereas a business meeting could benefit from food services. Providing in-house support will increase guest safety and satisfaction.

If your facility offers swimming classes or staff-led games, you can offer these services for different social gatherings. This way, visitors will have activities to participate in and your staff members can ensure that guests are staying entertained and abiding by pool rules. If additional help is required, you can always reach out to a full-service pool company.

Plan ahead

Offering the venue for private events may require extended hours, or closing off the facility to other patrons for some time. Weigh the benefits against the downsides before committing to this. But keep in mind that it may spark a lot of interest. You won’t want to shut down the pool to other community members during the day, but you can offer private events during the evening.

Pool directors and managers can always explore new ways that their pools can be used, safely and with guest satisfaction in mind.