Record low temperatures across the country may have property managers and community boards worrying about outdoor pool maintenance in freezing temperatures. From biting winds to below freezing temperatures, there are many hazards and potential problems that may result in pool repair if a site is not properly tended to.

From frozen pipes, heaving decks, shattered tile to torn pool covers, there are several areas that you’ll have to check on to ensure that your outdoor pool will make it safely through the low temperatures. Head outside with your maintenance staff to assess the pool’s condition and address any problems immediately to prevent the issue from getting out of hand.

Look at the pipes

Frozen pipes are a concern where any water is present. The American Red Cross pointed out that water has a unique property that causes it to expand upon freezing. This reaction, combined with freezing temperatures, makes pipes and hoses prone to damage. Maintenance staff should refer to manufacturer or installer directions first.

If there aren’t any instructions on keeping the pipes from freezing, consider turning on the equipment. This way, water will continuously run through the pipes, lowering the chance of freezing. This may run up the electricity or gas bills, but it’s a precaution that may save you the headache of pool repair once the cold weather is over.

In the event of a deep and long lasting freeze, you may want to think about draining, blowing and plugging lines and utilizing anti-freeze on the lines and pipes. This will require time and several hands. If you decide to take this precaution, reach out to pool maintenance services for advice and assistance.

Keep an eye on the structure

Glance under the pool cover and check for any structural damage, especially if you’re in a region where temperatures don’t usually dip below freezing. You want to make sure that the frozen surface of the water hasn’t damaged the basin’s interior. Ideal situation is for the water level to remain below the tile line during any deep freeze period. If you spot any structural problems, reach out to a full-service pool company. Their maintenance experts will have advice on methods that will minimize the harm, and their construction services can take a look at the structure and let you know whether you can expect a small or large scale project to fix the problem.

Regardless of your location, chances are, freezing weather is a concern right now. Don’t hesitate to contact professional pool services for assistance or advice. Taking the time to care for the pool will ensure that the structure stays safe and that any damage that’s been sustained stays minimal.