Consider the benefits of pool chemical automation

Consider the benefits of pool chemical automation

If you want to make your pool facility more efficient, consider installing a pool chemical automation system. These devices will analyze your pool water, assess the proper levels of chemicals to inject and disperse the appropriate amounts of disinfectants and pH adjusters based on the water demand. Though they’re great tools, a certified employee should always work with the system to ensure safe operation procedures and proper chemical levels. Remember that balancing pool chemicals for water treatment is a delicate and dangerous pool maintenance procedure. These steps should be left to certified individuals who have been trained to properly handle pool chemicals.

Leave it to technology
The U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration mandates that chemical handling requires training. Additionally, handlers need to have proper safety equipment, including goggles, gloves, mask and apron and more. If you’re unsure of the items needed, you can check your local OSHA codes for a full listing.

Having a pool chemical automation system installed would help reduce staff member contact with chemicals and help manage your water treatment schedule. Understanding the delicate art of chemical balancing can be difficult, from assessing the levels to remedying any fluctuations. An automation system can ease the task. The key to pool chemical automation is keeping the water at a set point without any fluctuation, therefore ensuring maximum bacteria kill.

Before committing to a unit, speak to staff members to see if anyone has interest in taking certification courses. Pool operator courses are available throughout your area.  Point out that it’s a great opportunity and offer some reimbursement. If no one’s interested or if you want an automated system, reach out to pool construction services to discuss pricing and figure out whether the system will pay off in the long run. Professionals will be able to advise you on which models will best fit your unique facility and can provide the necessary staff members to maintain the equipment.

Automation systems are a great way to cut back on chemical waste. This saves money and is better for the environment. You will see more consistent water as bacteria grow when chemical levels drop, having automation eliminates big drops.

Lend a helping hand
As useful as a pool chemical automation system will be, it cannot replace a trained human being. Even if you have a unit installed, you’ll want to work with professional pool maintenance services to ensure that the chemicals are being properly balanced. Additionally, they can take a look at the device if any problems arise.

Working with a full-service company will have many benefits. Construction services can give you suggestions and install the automation system, and working with the maintenance department will ensure that they’re familiar with your device. Keeping all these services with one company will establish and maintain a working relationship that will benefit both you and the facility.

Know what to invest in
Investing in the right equipment can help save money and keep the facility, staff members and patrons safe. Different pieces of equipment perform at various levels, so consult a professional. Speaking to a full-service pool company before peak season will give you ideas and the time to act on these ideas before swimmers return.