In the aquatics industry, trends are constantly changing and it can be challenging for property managers and pool management to keep up with consumer interests. However, with modern technology, adjusting a spray pad’s theme has never been easier.

Recreation Management magazine pointed out that with the right equipment, a wireless Internet connection and a smartphone could allow pool managers to change various settings on a spray pad. This includes the lighting, ambient sounds and even interactive features.

Keep it interesting

Property managers know that spray pads have been growing in popularity, thanks to their engaging fixtures, family-friendly settings and lower risk in comparison to pools. As such, it’s important to keep up with trends, especially if they’re ones that can make your facility more unique and easier to manage.

Programmable settings would allow pool management services to change a site’s theme quickly, ensuring that patrons will never get bored. For quick adjustments, staff members can pre-program a variety of themes. If employees are unsure of lighting or audio settings, staff members can consider reaching out to a local theater’s technical crew, who can advise pool services on best practices to create a cohesive environment.

Make your facility unique

There are many ways to customize your facility’s spray pad, from interchangeable fixtures to colorful LED lighting. Rather than deal with the hassles of switching out large fixtures, why not take another approach to adjustable themes with technology?

Not only will this method be easier, it will also save time and space. For a truly customizable facility, you can take advantage of both interchangeable fixtures and adjustable lighting and sound technology. This way, you’ll have an endless array of environments that you can set up.

Consider the investment

Recreation Management magazine also pointed out that although this technology is an investment, advancements have allowed these features to lower in price, giving more facilities access to these great features.

If wireless technology is within your facility’s budget, consider making the investment, which will have immediate benefits for both staff members and patrons. Take advantage of the quiet winter season and reach out to pool construction services with spray pad experience to discuss pricing and have the units installed. You’ll have plenty of time to learn the technology, program themes and advertise the new features to the community before peak season returns.