Save money and get rebates with energy efficient pool upgrades

Save money and get rebates with energy efficient pool upgrades

Property managers can reduce their operating costs with pool renovation services. By installing energy-efficient upgrades, they can save money and demonstrate their commitment to preserving the environment in one fell swoop. Many consumers invest in energy-efficient products to save money, and can also qualify for rebates from their utility companies on top of their savings, according to the Association of Pool and Spa Professionals’ AQ Magazine.

In fact, the group cited an energy study conducted by YouGov, which consisted of 600 residential energy decision-makers who handle the electrical bills. The study found that 80 percent of consumers weren’t purchasing energy-efficient equipment for environmental preservation reasons but in order to save money. In addition to lowering energy costs, you can also get rebates from your local utility company for energy-efficient pool equipment.

Commit to the investment
Though energy-efficient models have a higher initial cost in comparison to those that don’t save energy, environmentally friendly products will pay off and save you money in the long run. According to AQ Magazine, energy-efficient equipment can save a facility between 30 and 80 percent in monthly energy costs. Your initial investment may be further offset by rebates.

Utility companies have varying rebate ranges, but AQ Magazine listed a few, including NV Energy, based in Nevada, which offers a $300 rebate for certain variable-speed pumps, Long Island Power Authority, which offered up to a $400 rebate on qualifying pumps, and Southern California Edison, which offered $200 for customers who replaced their pumps and motors with energy-efficient models.

Between cutting energy costs and the rebates, you’ll be able to save money and invest in other energy-saving pool products, making your facility as efficient as possible.

Let consumers know
Though energy-efficient customers may make the investment mainly for the purpose of saving money, they are nevertheless benefiting the environment. Don’t brush this great fact aside – embrace it and let pool patrons know. After all, there’s a strong sustainability movement, and, chances are, there are many community members who would appreciate your facility’s efforts.

Consider informing guests every time you install a new piece of equipment with a small poster that lists each piece of energy-efficient equipment and the overall decreased energy consumption rate as your facility continues its sustainable mission. Your site may very well attract leaders and followers of the green movement through your investments. Reach out to your local pool company to discuss the best models that fit your unique pool today and have them installed before peak season returns.