Pool marketing can be difficult for commercial pools. While digital marketing has become popular, Property managers and those who work in pool management services shouldn’t forget those old-fashioned pool marketing methods.

Recreation Management magazine pointed out that pool marketing doesn’t have to be a complicated procedure. If you run a small local community pool, you don’t have to hire a public relations firm or specialists. Taking to the streets and putting up posters around town could be just as effective in garnering the attention of community members.

Find the right colors
If your facility has a color scheme or logo, stick to the palette and icon when you create your sign. This way, your sign will lead community members to create a subconscious association with your pool. It’s the same method used by team colors and country flags. You can tap into this same methodology by keeping to your facility’s design scheme.

On the other hand, if you don’t have a color theme or logo in your facility, now might be a good time to introduce one. Apartment and condo pool services may not have a palette or icon to work from. Speak to property managers about possibly developing one. Once you get the OK, work toward implementing the hues and logo into the facility itself. This new image will garner attention, and your similarly designed signs will help regular swimmers and would-be patrons instantly make the association.

Make it simple
Nobody wants to read a block of text, especially if they’re on the go. Furthermore, you want to ensure that everyone can read the text. Research local sign-making companies to create ones that will be aesthetically pleasing and fits in with your venue’s style. The size of the text directly affects the distance at which the words can be read, so design wisely.

Know what to market
You don’t have to wait or plan a big event before advertising your site. Don’t overlook what your facility already has. You may realize that you have aspects that speak to target audiences that you hadn’t considered, such as leaders and followers of the sustainability movement. Whether you have certified lifeguards or energy-saving maintenance equipment, there are aspects of your pool that makes it stand out in the community.