Energy Star pool pumps pay for themselves in fewer than 2 years

Energy Star pool pumps pay for themselves in fewer than 2 years

Cost-efficiency is always a desired factor for pool maintenance, especially in commercial venues. Committing to the initial costs of variable speed or two-speed pool pumps can be difficult, but consider this: Energy Star pool pumps can pay for themselves in less than 2 years.

Energy Star is headed by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and in 2013, began to certify in-ground pool pumps for energy efficiency. Models include some of the biggest names in the pool industry, including Pentair, Hayward and Zodiac.

Know the savings

Property managers who are hesitant to make the investment or aren’t sure which products best fit their facilities can get a better idea of the savings by visiting the Energy Star pool pump savings calculator. This calculator is for residential use only, but may be expanded to commercial pools in the future. Users will enter information regarding their pool: location, electric rate, pool size, the number of months of which the pool operates, details regarding the existing conventional pump and the Energy Star pump that managers would like to look into. Fields that managers are unsure of are automatically filled with values that have been calculated by pool experts.

Understand the benefits

Energy Star pool pumps can run at different speeds, ensuring that the water is cycled to maintain cleanliness while cutting back on energy costs. After all, lower attendance doesn’t require pumps to run at full speed.

Despite the high initial cost, these pumps can cut down on energy use by roughly 74 percent or $320 a year and pay themselves off in less than 2 years. Within the 10-year lifetime of the pump, pools can save more than $2,000. Furthermore, you’ll cut down on two tons of greenhouse gas emissions per year. This environmentally-friendly feature will make your venue stand out and show your commitment to sustainability.

Additionally, there are many electric utility companies that offer rebates for pools that use Energy Star certified pumps, depending on the property type.

Invest in the right pump

Property managers will have many models to select from, but they should consult with their local pool company to find the right one. As a commercial property, you will need a commercial pump. Your pump may also need to meet other standards based on local and federal regulation. Cost benefits from electric companies may vary depending on location and property type. Whether you’re looking to replace an existing pump or plan to upgrade, Energy Star pool pumps have a lot of benefits that impact energy use, savings and the environment. Speak to your local pool company today to learn more about ordering, installing and maintaining an Energy Star pool pump.