Top 3 ways a secret shopper can benefit your pool

Top 3 ways a secret shopper can benefit your pool

The concept of secret shoppers is nothing new to the retail world, but have you ever thought about applying the same concept to your pool management? As with the retail industry, the best way to assess customer service and venue quality is with an unannounced visit, sometimes by individuals who won’t be recognized by staff members.

Secret visitors can examine everything from lifeguard behavior, to not having enough shade in the rest area to a restroom that needs a new paint. Furthermore, having someone else visit your site can give you better insight into other features your facility can implement to heighten patron satisfaction.

1. Bring in a fresh pair of eyes

Property and pool managers don’t experience their facilities in the same way that patrons do. If you’re racking your brain for ways to improve your pool, you’ve likely grown familiar with a certain outlook of the site. Even going through the motions that a patron would usually go through may not provide you with the fresh perspective that you need in order to better understand swimmers’ experiences.

Additionally, staff members probably act differently when you’re on site, so working with a community member to be your secret shopper can give you better insight as to what the facility needs. This can be anything from more slip-resistant mats to additional customer service training.

2. Know what to improve on

Secret shoppers will inevitably have suggestions for you. Perhaps the furniture has seen better days or non-slip mats at the bathroom entrance need replacing. These are all aspects that swimmers experience directly that you and other employees may not be familiar with. After all, it’s unlikely that your staff members spend much time lounging on the deck furniture or taking a dip in the water for recreational fun.

3. Recognize best areas for spending

Your views on the pool may have led you to believe that the next best investment is robotic vacuum. However, a secret shopper may tell you that the restroom needs a fresh coat of paint or that there isn’t enough shade on the deck. Before you solidify your next purchase, look for help from a secret shopper.

Sometimes, ensuring a pool’s safety means leaving the work to others. Bringing in a new perspective will provide you with better insight and having unannounced visits will give you a better idea of the overall safety of the pool when you aren’t present.