Save money by investing in the pool shower

Save money by investing in the pool shower

There are many pool products that will save facilities money in the long run, but where should you start? The pool shower can be a small but effective upgrade for pool renovation services to tackle.

A pool shower are essential in encouraging water cleanliness. Aquatics International pointed out that these fixtures use a lot of resources and energy, so if you’ve been looking for an area in which you can cut costs without committing to a large project, then this may be the perfect place.

Assess the situation

Speak to pool management workers and lifeguards to figure out how congested the pool showers get during peak season. If you’ve only got a few showerheads and employees find that it’s not enough, it may be time to invest in column models that feature more than one showerhead in one area. You’ll be able to accommodate more swimmers at once and ensure cleanliness and efficiency.

On the other hand, if employees don’t see many people who visit the showers despite high attendance, then it may be time to assess the overall design. Perhaps the shower isn’t noticeable enough as swimmers make their way to the pool. Or maybe you need to make the experience more fun with bright colors and designs.

You can heighten safety by installing anti-scald devices that will prevent the water from getting too hot. These features may be required in certain counties, so check with your local pool company for compliance rules.

Decrease costs

Low-flow showerheads can be installed in every area and some models boast controls that property managers can adjust before installation. Furthermore, pool construction services can put in controls that limit the amount of water that flows whenever a swimmer presses the button.

Ease maintenance

Aquatics International pointed out that position plays a large role in how much additional cleaning showers require. Placing showers in the center of a room means there will be less splash on the walls.

Additionally, material is important. If you’re willing to change the facility showers altogether, think about easier-to-clean materials such as stainless steel. The organization pointed out that these are also appealing to the eye and can lead to more swimmers showering before and after entering the pool.

Make it attractive

It’s never a bad idea to make pool showers more aesthetically pleasing. After all, it’s the first line of defense against contaminants. Incorporating bright colors and fun design can make the areas more appealing to swimmers of all ages.