3 ways to keep residents safe between the pool and the playground

3 ways to keep residents safe between the pool and the playground

Many pools have nearby playgrounds where children can play in after taking a dip in the water. Though pool management services are primarily concerned with safety around the pool itself, implementing further precautions between the pool and the playground can better ensure patron safety.

Younger swimmers know that running around the pool is prohibited and dangerous, they may forget that it can be equally hazardous after they leave the pool and make their way to the playground.

Start from the ground up
Managers can speak to property managers about reaching out to pool construction services to install non-slip flooring along the pathway from the pool to the playground. Doing so will help children maintain traction as they head over to the slides and swings. Cement is a great material that will not only keep kids safe, it can also absorb some of the water.

Keep a diligent eye
The best method of keeping children safe is with supervision. Lifeguards are the first line of defense for swimmers, so it’s essential that they stay focused on pool patrons. Instead having the lifeguards pull double duty, think about delegating other staff members to keeping an eye on young patrons who are moving playtime to the playground. These employees can ask the children to dry off first before they step off the pool property. Many playgrounds have equipment that becomes slippery, so it’s a good idea to remind children to dry off before entering the playground.

Work with professionals
One of the best ways to enhance safety measures around the pool and the nearby playground is to work with a full-service company that has experience with both sites. Experts will be familiar with pool compliance and playground safety regulations. They’ll be able to advise you on best practices and any further preventive steps that can be taken.

A full-service company can then provide the construction services, which will save you the work of having to find contractor services and having to convey the information yourself. By keeping your project with one company, you can rest assured that the details will be properly communicated.

Providing the safest pool sometimes also means addressing the immediate surroundings. Reach out to a full-service company this winter to begin the project. Having a consultation and starting the work now will ensure that your site is ready to greet pool and playground patrons when peak season returns.