4 ideas to reinvigorate your pool deck

4 ideas to reinvigorate your pool deck

Aquatic facilities work hard to keep up with consumer interests, and pool construction services may often be called in to install a fixture or replace worn-out parts. Though much of the work may take place in the pool itself, the deck shouldn’t be overlooked.

The deck is likely where younger children who haven’t learned how to swim spend their time with adult supervision. If it’s been some time since the deck has been updated, now may be the time to have it looked over by pool professionals. These experts may spot problems that have developed over the winter and can provide advice on renovation projects that’ll rejuvenate the area without breaking the budget. If you’re unsure of where to begin, here are some ideas.

1. Increase shade: Chances are, you already have some shade over your pool deck. Speak to lifeguards and other poolside staff to discuss whether it’s ample. You may discover that the setup is ideal in the morning, but not as much in the afternoon. Consider investing in larger umbrellas, which will immediately draw the attention of guests. Frequent visitors and newcomers will appreciate the protection from the sun’s rays.

2. Address seating: Having enough seats on the pool deck can be an issue for many facilities. This can be especially true of sites that offer food. If so, you’re well aware of the crowds that can quickly gather on the deck, from the non-swimmers who were already there to the swimmers who have exited the water for a bite of lunch. Look over the seating arrangement and decide whether there is a more efficient setup that can be implemented. For example, replacing round tables and individual chairs with rectangular tables and bench seating will accommodate more people without having to expand the actual site. Check with pool professionals for pool compliance laws regarding capacity before rearrangement.

3. Repaint surfaces: If there are no problems with the pool deck design, a quick re-coating of paint can spruce up the space. You can keep the same color, which will still stand out, thanks to the new paint. Alternatively, you can introduce a new color that fits in with the overall facility design.

4. Design the perimeter: Keep the surrounding areas gorgeous by expanding design efforts beyond the seating area. Recreation Management magazine pointed out that it’s not enough to simply feature the fencing around the pool. You can plant bushes or paint a mural on the wall, ensuring that the entire space is welcoming and fun.