4 tips on storing your pool supplies properly

4 tips on storing your pool supplies properly

As the weather begins to warm up, pool maintenance workers are likely pulling out various pieces of equipment that have been stored away for the winter.

Chances are, you have an established setup and will return to it. However, this may be an opportunity to optimize your storage configuration. Reassessing your facility’s system might even allow operations to run more smoothly.

1. Be aware of regulations
As you know, pool chemicals have to comply with certain regulations. These corrosive substances should be kept out of sight and access of pool patrons. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency stressed the importance of storing these products properly and checking on the containers and room frequently to ensure overall safety.

Additionally, the Occupational Safety & Health Administration stated that only maintenance workers who are certified in chemical handling should interact with pool chemicals. Furthermore, these individuals have to wear the proper protective clothing when dealing with the materials.

2. Assess the size
Your storage capabilities will depend on the size of your facility. If you only have a small storage room or shed, it should be dedicated to housing pool chemicals. Though you can place other pieces of pool equipment in there, you may risk corroding the metal on them, according to Aquatics International. Therefore, if you do plan on storing other items in the same room as the pool chemicals, consider limiting it to non-corrosive materials such as plastic or foam. Place them far enough away from the chemicals to ensure safety.

3. Divide the storage
As operations pick up, maintenance workers will need quick access to various pieces of equipment. Items such as skimmer nets and pool vacuums can be kept outdoors and out of swimmers’ reach. Use your best judgment when storing products outdoors. Luckily, the weather won’t be much of a concern, since pool equipment is frequently exposed to water.

For better peace of mind, you can consider investing in a small shed and keeping the pool equipment inside it. This way, only pool staff members will have access to these items.

4. Speak to staff members
Maintenance workers handle pool equipment frequently. They may have suggestions that you may not have considered. It can be a quick way to increase workplace communication and to show your appreciation for their work.