2 advantages of installing chemical automation

2 advantages of installing chemical automation

Handling pool chemicals is one of the most dangerous parts of pool maintenance. These substances must be handled by certified individuals per regulations by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

It’s an essential factor in maintaining the cleanliness of pool water and has to be tended to frequently. Maintenance professionals must assess the chemical balance of the pool water, figure out the appropriate treatment and administer it during non-swimmer times. Putting in too much or too little of a single chemical can create a hazardous environment for both swimmers and workers.

Invest in chemical automation
A chemical automation system has a high initial cost, but have many advantages. Pool managers can program them to administer treatments at certain times. Some models feature flow sensors, which will analyze whether there is water flow. If not, they won’t disperse treatments, as they need to be evenly distributed through the pool. Additionally, models have warning sensors that will email faults when chemicals are outside of set perimeters. If there is a power fault and no flow again, warnings will be sent via text or email. Depending on the unit, readings are stored and retrievable though their data software.

1. Cut back on maintenance time: Chances are, analyzing the levels of different chemicals in the pool water takes time. Figuring out and measuring the proper amounts of chemicals to balance out the water takes careful assessment. During the slower months with low bather load, this procedure may not affect the pool’s operations much, but come peak season, lengthy practices can keep others from being able to tend to the pool. If analyzing the proper chemical treatment takes too long, it might even run into operating hours when you can not add chemicals by hand directly to the pool. Chemical automation eliminates the guesswork by analyzing and treating the water based on water demand in a much shorter time span than if maintenance personnel had to do it.

2. Monitor chemical levels all day: When chemical balancing is the responsibility of maintenance personnel, the chemical levels are monitored more frequently with automation. Depending on the number of swimmers, the environment and other factors, the chemical balance of pool water can change during the day and not be noted until the next check. Chemical automation ensures swimmer safety by constantly keeping track of the chemicals, during all hours of operation. If pool management encounters any problems, they can act accordingly, keeping swimmers as safe as possible.

Reach out to your local pool company today to discuss the possibility of installing a chemical automation unit to ensure that your facility will be ready for swimmers when peak season returns.