Feature fun for non-swimmers with a playground

Feature fun for non-swimmers with a playground

Pool managers recognize the unique exercise opportunities that their aquatic facilities offer. Of course, there are always some individuals who don’t enter the pool because they can’t swim.

Your facility may offer swimming lessons for people of all ages, but if the non-swimmers are from out of town or don’t have time for these programs, they’re missing out on fun and excitement. If you’re considering a remodeling project and don’t want to use the land for another aquatic attraction, a playground may be exactly what your site needs.

Encourage fit living
There are plenty of non-swimmers that visit your site on a regular basis. This includes young children and adults. There’s no reason that kids shouldn’t be able to enjoy your site. A nearby playground would allow them and their guardians to exercise and have fun while other family members swim in the pool. This expands the types of activity that people can enjoy at your site.

With a playground close to the pool, you’ll have to establish rules that ensure safety. In addition to posting federally regulated signs, you should include ones that let people know about the rules. Children may play in the pool and on the playground. Therefore, requiring shoes on the playground will decrease the likelihood of slips.

Design cohesively
It may be tempting to feature a whole new look for the playground, but keeping the overall aesthetic of your pool will allow patrons to recognize that the playground is included in your site. This can distinguish your site from others in the area because it’ll offer fun for people of all ages.

You can tie the pool and the playground together by featuring a similar color palette or having an aquatic theme in the playground.

As your playground gains popularity, you may want to invest in other fixtures. Bike racks and barbecue grills make your site more family-friendly, which may result in them staying at your facility for longer periods of time. Installing such fixtures can establish your site as one of the best places for families to visit for the day.

Of course, you’ll have to consider playground safety regulations before starting the project. You can work with a pool company that also offers playground services, which will ensure that your site is safe and fun.