2 design tips for your pool's bathroom or locker room

2 design tips for your pool’s locker room

Property and pool management may constantly assess the pool for redesign opportunities. However, other essential areas that should be considered for renovations are the locker rooms.

Chances are, most swimmers go through these areas before entering the pool. Therefore, if it’s been some time since your locker rooms have been redesigned, now is the time to do so. Starting this project as soon as possible can help ensure that it’ll be completed by the time peak season returns.

Think about the possibilities
Depending on the size of your facility, you may have limited design options. However, this doesn’t have to be detrimental to swimmers’ experience. These spaces are also an opportunity to impress swimmers before they enter the pool, underscoring the need for good design. Consider these two tips for a locker room renovation.

1. Install new lockers: If your facility has had the same lockers for as long as you can remember, it may be time to invest in new ones. Recreation Management magazine pointed out that the swimmers’ needs should be assessed in order to ensure that you pick the right ones. For example, pools that are attended by business people should have long lockers that allow them to hang up their work clothes. On the other hand, pools where patrons are usually already dressed to swim can benefit from small lockers that easily store keys and wallets.

2. Think about the locker material: Pools that are mainly visited by adults can have wooden lockers, which will give the spaces a personal touch. On the other hand, pools that are frequented by children may require more durable materials such as metal. Either way, there’s no reason that these surfaces can’t be attractive. While wooden paneled lockers can be finished off with a nice stain, metal lockers may require a new coat of paint or artistic designs.

Working on the bathrooms and locker rooms in your facility can be a nice break from pool projects. Staff members can take the opportunity to exhibit their creativity. It’s a project that’ll affect patrons’ experiences and new and returning visitors will appreciate the time and effort you’ve put into the spaces.