3 great color palettes for your spray pad

3 great color palettes for your spray pad

Spring is finally here, and before you know it, summer will have arrived. If you’re thinking about converting your old commercial wading pool into a spray pad, now is the time to call in pool construction services.

Community members are looking for highly interactive experiences nowadays, so a traditional swimming pool or wading pool may not cut it anymore. If you’ve already added interactive fixtures to your swimming pool, bring that fun into your wading pool.

Understand the many benefits
Though not everyone in the area can swim, people of all ages will be able to enjoy a spray pad. Because there’s no standing water, the site will require less supervision. This can be especially appealing for pools that only staff one lifeguard at a time.

Additionally, unlike the pool, a spray pad can stay open into the night. By installing lights, members of the community can enjoy the unique fun that your facility offers. Not sure how to bring summer fun to your spray pad? Here are three color palette ideas that’ll have staff members and patrons excited.

1. Go for the basic rainbow: One of the most recognizable combinations of colors are the ones in the rainbow. Children and adults will recognize these hues right away and will love them. They’re classics that will never go out of style, so you can rest assured knowing that you won’t have to repaint the fixtures anytime soon.

2. Feature primary colors: If you want to go even more basic, consider the very simple primary colors of blue, yellow and red. Whether you’re shopping for interchangeable features or permanent ones, there will always be fixtures that come in these eye-catching shades. Visitors of all ages will recognize and appreciate these colors.

3. Keep it natural: Property managers who want to make the spray pad look more natural can turn to green and tan. This combination is frequently used in playground design and can work for spray pads as well. Though they’re not as bright as the rainbow or primary colors, the interactive elements will draw plenty of attention. This can be especially fitting for a spray pad that’s located near a local wooded park.