3 reasons for creating a "secret shopper" program with other area pools

3 reasons for creating a “secret shopper” program with other area pools

It can be difficult for members of pool management to assess the level of service that their venue provides for guests. Chances are, managers spend a majority of time in the office taking care of behind-the-scenes work.

There isn’t much time to observe the day-to-day operations in the pool. After all, your lifeguards are trained and certified in safety procedures. Additionally, they know how to handle swimmer concerns, complaints and questions.

Recognize your limits
Though you can probably find another pool manager to take over a few hours of your usual office time to perform a walk-through of the facility, recognize that this may not be ideal, especially if you’ve worked at the pool for years. You’ve most likely grown used to the pool and its layout. Therefore, details can slip under your radar. Or, you may have grown accustomed to how operations are usually run and can’t think of new ways to improve swimmer experiences.

One way to resolve this problem is to work with other pools in your area. This is the perfect opportunity to show the community that the local pools are committed to excellence. This will give you an outsider’s perspective of your pool and advice on how to improve it.

Here are three reasons to draft a plan for peak season.

1. Enjoy expert opinions: There are many benefits when working with industry professionals. They have an eye for optimizing pool operations. Perhaps they may spot an area that could use more padding on the ground to better protect swimmers. Or, they may suggest offering food services and have ideas on how to start. They might advise you on something that you’d previously considered but weren’t set on. Knowing you can rely on another pool manager’s opinion can be the push you need.

2. Benefit from a swimmer’s perspective: Regardless of whether you’ve swam in your pool before, your view of the facility is different from that of managers who have never worked at the venue. They most likely haven’t visited your site and can provide a set of fresh eyes. Additionally, they’ll go through the entire facility as guests. This means they’ll have the same experiences as your typical swimmer. They might find that the shower water is too cold or that there isn’t enough signage throughout the facility to inform people of safety practices.

3. Draw inspiration: Developing a “secret shopper” program with other pool managers in the area can also give you insight into other pool operation methods that you may not have considered because you’ll be returning the favor. This ensures that everybody gets the best of both experiences.