2 tips on writing down pool rules and regulations

2 tips on writing down pool rules and regulations

There are plenty of documents that go in and out of a pool management office. The idea of adding to the pile of paperwork can be less than thrilling, but maintaining a written list of rules for your facility is a precautionary best practice.

Rules become more effective when they’re in writing. This holds true for any industry, whether it’s hiring paperwork, proof of certification or a list of rules. For some people, it’s evidence that a rule was implemented prior to their arrival and is therefore a regulation that they have to follow.

Create a list
You most likely have a sign that lists several rules, but there definitely isn’t enough room to list all of them, especially the obvious ones. However, you never know when you’ll need to produce a written copy of all the pool regulations. One aquatics director at a YMCA facility found herself facing a guest who swam in the pool wearing a sweat suit and refused to stop until she produced a written document stating that only bathing suits were permitted in the pool, reported Aquatics International magazine.

You never know what may happen at a pool, so taking every precaution will ensure that patrons stay safe. Here are two tips to consider when you assemble your list.

1. Be flexible: Listing every rule for the pool will likely be an ongoing project, especially as the industry continues to develop and use more technology. Basic rules such as limiting the type of clothing that patrons can wear in the pool shouldn’t be overlooked, either. This is a project that could benefit from contributions from every staff member. It can be a fun and productive way for everybody to work together.

2. Keep more than one copy: Rather than keeping the rules in one folder, have a few copies available in different locations around the pool at all times. This will ensure that if a copy is damaged or lost, there are others that employees can look at and share with guests. Additionally, if guests refuse to follow rules that aren’t listed on the sign, keeping a copy close to the water will guarantee that staff members can get a hold of the list quickly to resolve the problem.

Finally, every staff member should know where the lists are kept.