Explore the benefits of installing a hot tub

Explore the benefits of installing a hot tub

For those in certain parts of the country, all of the snow and freezing temperatures have made summer seem far from reach. While they may not be able to swim in a pool for quite some time, they can enjoy a different form of aquatic therapy. Hot tubs are a great way for those in cooler climates to experience the joys of water even when the warmth is months away. Consider installing one in your home for a spa-like experience that can instantly improve your health and well-being.

Health benefits of a hot tub
There’s a reason why many hotel and country club services include hot tubs for guests. According to Pool & Spa News, sitting in warm, steamy water for a short period of time can ease joint pain and improve heart rate, digestion and respiration. It can also help serve as treatment for symptoms of serious medical conditions. This form of water immersion therapy can help those with stress disorders, diabetes and brain injuries.

“No two patients with brain injuries are alike,” Mary Wykle, Ph.D., who works with military personnel who have brain injuries, told the source. “But what they all have in common is chronic pain, a lot of migraine headaches, anxiety and balance issues. The therapy involves performing soothing and calming movements while the autonomic nervous system is benefiting from a warm-water immersion. As we work on balance, we hope we can slow down their dizziness, reduce their anxiety and improve cognition.”

The source also explained that cognitive function can improve as a result of hot tub therapy. There’s research underway that’s investigating the connection between slower age-related cognitive decline and hydrotherapy. The idea is that the warm water relaxes individuals and makes it easier to focus. For those who hate the cold, this is an obvious point. When you’re not distracted by uncomfortable temperatures and outside influences, you’re better able to concentrate.

What to consider before installation
While there are many advantages of owning a hot tub, there are several considerations to make before undergoing an installation. First, you must decide on the size and shape of your hot tub. According to Quicken Loans, they come in a variety of models, and can be as small as 4 feet by 7 feet or as large as 8 feet by 11 feet. Once you decide on those factors, you can choose where to place it. Whether you want to keep it outdoors or indoors, you’ll need to make sure you have enough space for it to fit comfortably and allow for enough space around the entrance.

It’s also important to keep your budget in mind when purchasing and installing a hot tub. The tub itself is an expense, but it’s just one of many financial obligations you’ll need to consider. If you want to keep it outdoors, you may want to build a deck to create a scenic, relaxing environment.

The level of maintenance that comes along with owning a hot tub is another consideration to make. Quicken Loans explained that draining and refilling the water in the hot tub should take place every four months or so. Hot tubs are a fun, relaxing investment, but they can harbor a lot of bacteria if you’re not careful and don’t perform the necessary upkeep. As with owning a pool, you’ll need to treat the water with chemicals and make sure all of the levels are where they should be to protect the longevity of your investment and ensure the safety of all who use it.