Cold weather pool maintenance

Cold weather pool maintenance

Your pool may be the last thing on your mind when the temperatures drop, but that doesn’t mean you should stop maintaining it. Even if you don’t plan on stepping foot in the water for quite some time, your pool maintenance routine needs to stay consistent all year long. Be sure to follow these procedures carefully to ensure that your pool is safe and ready to use as soon as the warm weather comes back around.

Shut it down, but keep it running
It’s not ideal to shut down a pool for a very long period of time, but in certain climates where there’s a possibility for freezing temperatures, it’s unavoidable. Swim University recommended draining the water from the pump, pool heater and filter. If water gets trapped in these parts and freezes, they could crack and cost you loads of money to repair and replace. When it comes to the water in your pool, you should keep it at 4-6 inches below the pool skimmer. Continue to run the pool motor for several hours each day to prevent pipes from freezing. You may want to schedule these run times for late night or early morning when electricity rates are as low as possible.

Although nobody will be swimming in the water in the winter, it’s still important to make sure the correct amount of chemicals are added and all of the levels are where they should be. An excessive amount of certain chemicals in the water can cause the lining to wear away. This can create issues that pose a challenge when it comes time to reopen it in the spring. By properly preparing the water with the right chemicals, you’ll be able to rest assured that buildup will be kept to a minimum.

The winter is also a great time to drain and refill your pool if it’s been a while since the last time. While it can be a hassle to do so, it’s necessary every now and then. While the water may look clear, the residual of the chemicals can linger in the water and secretly damage your pool. According to Realty Times, failing to drain your pool periodically is one of the leading causes of algae development.

Take this time to clean up
You could wait until spring to tidy up the pool area, but you’d just be delaying the inevitable. Plus, the longer you wait to check your pool, the longer the issues could be brewing, which could result in a greater issue to repair. For instance, ice that builds up on your cover could cause it to tear and let in debris and other materials that could cause damage.

Be proactive and clear the top of your pool cover. Be sure to gently remove debris, snow or puddles and use the right equipment to do so to prevent damage to your cover. Invest in a shop vac or sump pump to do this safely and efficiently.

Before you know it, the warm weather will be here and you’ll be getting ready to open your pool. When that time comes, you’ll want to start by removing the cover and cleaning it. Be sure to wash off all of the buildup and allow it to dry completely before storing it away. Ideally, it should be kept in a cool, dry place all summer so it stays perfectly intact. Prepare the water and make all of the appropriate checks and you’ll be on your way to starting a new season of fun in the sun.