How to make your pool kid-friendly

How to make your pool kid-friendly

A pool is a source of entertainment for people of all ages, but it’s an especially fun environment for children. Not only does it bring their friends and family together during the warm months of the year, but it’s also a way for them to stay active. However, while swimming in a pool may be a fun summertime activity for children, it also requires many added precautions for those in pool management. Here’s how to keep your pool safe and fun for the young ones who frequent your pool.

Safety features
Safety is paramount when designing a pool with children in mind. Pool Safely listed several safety factors to consider for your pool: barriers, alarms and safety covers. While nothing can take the place of an adult supervising the pool at all times, there are tools you can purchase and features you can install to make sure that nobody enters the water without your knowledge.

Installing barriers to your pool is the first line of defense against unwanted visitors. They come in many forms – as well as price points. Your choice of barrier can be as simple as a wooden fence or as elaborate as a high-tech gate that unlocks with a specific code. Whatever option you decide to go with, Pool Safely recommended finding one that is at least 4 feet tall. This should effectively keep children from hopping over it to get to the water. Additionally, there shouldn’t be large gaps in the fence that may allow a child or animal to crawl below it.

Alarms are also effective ways to keep children and animals from entering the water unexpectedly. They can be set up to sound if a door or fence leading to the pool is opened. The source noted that alarms are most effective if they sound for 30 seconds after activated and within 7 seconds of activation. This helps ensure that the right people are notified as soon as possible. In emergency situations, even just a few seconds matter.

When choosing covers for your pool, the source suggested choosing one that is able to hold the weight of two adults and one child. This allows a child to be rescued by a maximum of two adults if he or she somehow gets on top of the cover. Also, only choose covers that are in line with the specifications listed in ASTM F 1346-91. Whether or not a cover abides by these requirements should be boldly stated by the manufacturer.

Kids’ entertainment
When it comes to fun in the sun, there are many features that children will love. Some of these additions require construction, while others are simply small items you can purchase to transform a pool into an aquatic playground. Consider installing a splash pad, which Aqua magazine explained is becoming a popular addition to residential and commercial pools across the country. They can be tailored to specific age groups. For example, a toddler who may have trouble walking can benefit from a splash pad with features that are lower to the ground and don’t require them to stand.

Aside from splash pads, consider installing a diving board to add another fun element to your pool. Kids will love practicing their jumps into the water. Just be sure to install it in the deep end to reduce the risk of injury. If you’d rather not install anything in your pool, try simply purchasing fun pool toys, like noodles and kick boards, that children are sure to enjoy.