This Fall and Winter, Take Your Lifeguard Skills to an Indoor PoolAny knowledgeable pool manager understands the importance of having a working eyewash station on-site. Eyewash stations are both an OSHA and ANSI requirement for work areas that contain corrosive substances.

At your facility corrosive substances include chlorine, muriatic acid, algaecide, and any other chemical used to keep your pool both clean and clear throughout the summer.

Chemical incidents can occur at any moment. Even the most attentive of pool staff can make a mistake. In those cases, the value of eyewash stations is apparent. Having a working station can be the difference between a simple mishap and a severe or life threatening injury.

To avoid a serious incident at your pool take a look at these tips for testing, maintaining, and using your eyewash station properly:

Testing Your Eyewash Station

  1. Check for running water. The valve activates in a second or less and remains open until closed by user.
  2. Check for flow. The water stream should be about six inches long, with both streams crossing at the center of the eyewash nozzle.
  3. Check for balance. Both left and right eyewash nozzles should produce an equal flow of water.
  4. Check for temperature. Maintaining a proper tepid temperature is vital for a properly working eyewash station. The temperature should remain between, 60 – 100oF.

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Maintaining Your Eyewash Station

  • Remove any obstructions. In an emergency, it is imperative that the eyewash station can be accessed without difficulty.
  • Perform weekly water pressure testing to ensure proper function and to flush out possible sediment and stagnant water.
  • For gravity-fed stations, change the water every 3-6 months.
  • Be sure to read your manufacturer’s instructions for additional maintenance and safety tips.

Using Your Eyewash Station

  1. Guide the affected person to the eyewash station.
  2. Activate the unit using the valve.
  3. Keep eyelids open with both hands, and flush out.
  4. Flush for 15 minutes. Get medical attention.