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What do you do when your pool is under attack by algae? The short answer — Call American Pool! Hiring a pool maintenance technician to monitor and treat your pool is the best way to avoid a green pool disaster.

Experienced service professionals know algae, second to chemical imbalance, is one of the more frequent issues pool owners and management face. While initially harmless, algae growth left untreated can lead to a dangerous environment perfect for bacteria to thrive in.

The algae that grows in pools comes in monstrous forms but the most common form is green algae. Given its name for its color it is an opportunistic species that will capitalize on any diversion from a regular treatment program. An infestation can happen overnight especially with the introduction of foreign bacteria during this dormant period. The algae in combination with nitrogen can destroy chlorine residuals leaving your pool defenseless.

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Phosphate treatments, algaecides, and filters give your pool a fighting chance. In combination with shock treatment algaecide, phosphate-reducing solutions can be effective in maintaining low levels. These specialty chemicals — typically salts of aluminum or lanthanum — produce insoluble phosphate compounds when added to water, which can be removed through filtration or vacuuming.

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Pool management should also be careful not to skimp on running their filtration systems around the clock. Algae grows much faster and in greater quantities in stagnant water, but your filtration system creates enough of a current within your pool to deny algae the stable footing it needs to multiply. Even switching off your filter a few nights a week can give algae the opening it needs to contaminate your pool to unsafe levels.

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Because algae prevention requires constant surveillance, hiring a pool maintenance professional is imperative. Not only will expert technicians service your water to prevent algae growths at regular intervals, but they can take care of so much more around your facility, too.

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*This article was adapted from our blog post “What can pool maintenance do about algae?” released October 12, 2014.