When it comes to pool ownership, there is no right way to enjoy it. Simply jumping into the cool blue water on a hot day is all that’s needed to invoke a sense of joy. But what about when that’s not enough? It’s time to take your pool to the next level. There is no better time to renovate than the off-season! Infuse it with fun!

Light it Up

The fun shouldn’t stop when the sun goes down. Enjoy your pool at night with strategic lighting that is not only practical, but decorative. Arrange lights around your pool’s perimeter, in the water, hanging from surrounding trees and shrubbery, and in areas throughout your backyard where guests tend to congregate. Purchase lights that suit your taste and preferences, some options include: waterproof, color changing, and pattern alternating.


Drinks Anyone?

Swim-up bars are an automatic crowd favorite. But, don’t just stock up on adult beverages, keep your bar loaded with water, sports drinks, and other great hydrators like coconut water to keep the fun times going all day long. Personalize your swim-up bar with built-in underwater bar stools, trendy tiles, and architectural overhangs for a break from the sun.


Make a Splash

Our number one pick for the most pool fun are splash pads. Your family will absolutely love it! Think of a splash pad as an interactive water playground. With an endless number of unique combinations available, this feature adds a fun twist to any backyard.


Take a Slide

It’s true, everyone loves a waterslide. After having a waterslide professionally installed, the only things missing are the funnel cake and photo ops with Mickey Mouse. Depending on your taste and space, slides can gently slope, corkscrew, curve to the right, or wave up and down into water deep enough for any swimmer to splash into the water safely. Tip: Don’t forget to update your insurance and set new pool rules for using the slide.


Chasing Waterfalls

Give your pool a luxurious makeover while also giving pool goers something to marvel at. For young children, waterfalls can be a constant source of amusement. For adult crowds, waterfalls add serenity complimented by the relaxing sound of splashing water. Waterfalls amp up the luxe when lined along the pool’s perimeter, brought to life with colorful lighting, serving as an above level cascading hot tub combination, or used to conceal a hidden enclosure.


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