There is nothing better than relaxing in your backyard or neighborhood pool on a hot summer day. We love taking a dip in the cool blue water no matter where it is, but there are some pools we’ve come across that are out of this world. There are dozens of popular and lavish pools built in resorts, hotels, casinos, and more, to allure guests near and far. We’ve compiled a list of six over the top pools we think are worth putting on your bucket list. Which one is on yours?

The Cambrian Hotel

Adelboden, Switzerland

Fixed within the Swiss Alps lies The Cambrian Hotel, a luxurious hotel and spa that provides its guests with breath-taking surrounding views of snow-topped mountains. Within the hotel you will find two heated pools, including an outdoor infinity pool which has a view that is “worth the trip alone.” The outdoor infinity pool is named as one of Tripadvisors Top 10 Amazing hotel pools because of its stunning 360 degree view, which travelers say is “not exaggerated in pictures” and can only be truly appreciated in person. A night in its Deluxe Room North with some mountain views can run around $267 per night. If you’re looking for a panoramic view of the alps straight from your room you would want to book The Cambrian Suite, but expect to pay a little over $500 per night. Skiing trip, anyone?

The Jade Mountain Resort

St. Lucia, Caribbean

On the Caribbean island of St. Lucia you can find Jade Mountain, a beautiful resort dedicated to elegant and over the top luxurious service to its guests. The resort has 24 different infinity pools with unique individualized touches in each, including colored tile to match the rooms bathroom. Those looking for a tropical view need not look further, with panoramic views of green mountains and clear blue water you will become entranced in its beauty. The Star Sanctuary rooms are between 1,400 and 1,800 square feet with a 450 square foot infinity pool. Prepare to shell out for this trip, however, as Star Sanctuary rooms begin at $1,310 per night during the off season — and that’s their cheapest room with an infinity pool!

San Alfonso Del Mar

Chile, South America

South of the equator in Chile, the San Alfonso Del Mar hotel held the first Guinness World Record for the world’s largest man-made salt water lagoon. The pool is around 8 acres in size filled with 250 million liters of water. The company Crystal Lagoons uses state of the art technology to filter in ocean water and keep it in pristine condition for the lagoon. The goal was to create a pool that gave guests the feeling of being in the warm Caribbean sea at the Chilean central coast. Get a sailing or kayak lesson right in the lagoon without ever having to get into the ocean. With a variety of apartments to rent, prices start around $246 per night but usually average around $350 per night. We’re ready for a sailing lesson!

The Tank, Golden Nugget

Las Vegas, Nevada

Looking for something to get your heart pumping? This $30 million project in the Golden Nugget casino called The Tank provides an up close and personal experience with 5 different species of shark — without getting too close. In the middle lies a 200,000 gallon tank filled with exotic fish and sharks for guests to awe at while swimming in the surrounding pool. Climb up three stories and head down the Shark Chute for an unforgettable slide experience through the shark tank with a splash landing in the main deck pool. During the peak summer season expect to pay around $119 per night in their cheapest room, but if you can plan a trip during the winter off season rooms start at only $49 per night. Swim with the sharks without becoming lunch!

The Hanging Gardens of Bali

Bali, Indonesia

Nestled in the rainforests of Bali, Indonesia is the Hanging Gardens of Bali resort, which has some of the world’s most unique and stunning infinity pools. Designed by a specialist architect, the pools are suspended over a dense rainforest which is meant to give guests the feeling of floating among the treetops. Expect to pay around $550 per night in their cheapest room, but don’t be fooled — each room is specifically designed to match the landscape and atmosphere of Bali’s rainforests, and each are stunning in their own way. Relax in the Bali sun and float among the treetops.

SkyPark at Marina Bay Sands


The infinity pool on top of the Marina Bay Sands casino in Singapore is the largest rooftop pool in the world, stretching 150 meters across and sits 57 stories high. With breathtaking views of the city highrises and skyline, you can relax in the warm waters and sip on the drink of your choice. Rooms without the rooftop view can start around $379 per night, but staying on level 50 or above can cost as much as $5,850 per night or more! Any of the rooms will gain you access to the SkyPark and the famous infinity pool, cut the cost of the expensive rooms to use for activities and lavish dinners. Start saving now and plan an unforgettable trip.

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