The summer season has arrived! We have been counting down the days and strategically planning for the summer. This season, we are pleased to announce a brand new partnership with Water Intelligence plc and their subsidiary, American Leak Detection. “We are excited about the opportunity to work with the leading company in pool management. We share the same customer-centric values.” Patrick DeSouza, Executive Chairman of Water Intelligence plc states.

Founded in 1984, pool leak detection and repair has been a part of the core service offerings of American Leak Detection from the beginning. Unlike other company’s methods, the professionals at American Leak Detection do not need to break or damage walls to find and repair leaks. These innovative and non-invasive techniques can significantly lower repair and damage costs.

Regarding this new partnership, Dan Lawler, Chief Operating Officer of American Pool, said, “We have always conducted business with the philosophy that our clients deserve the absolute best in safety and service. I am excited that we have established a relationship that does just that. We are now able to present supplementary solutions to our customers, satisfying the high demand during our peak season.”

The partnership with Water Intelligence is a key addition to the American Pool family. Their extensive knowledge of leak detection and repair elevates our portfolio of services while giving the American Pool team the flexibility to respond more quickly during the peak season. We couldn’t be happier to be working with Water Intelligence plc, a exemplary company whose expertise and professionalism only adds to our customer focused values and initiatives.

With Water Intelligence on board we believe this season will be our best yet, we hope that you and your loved ones will have a safe, enjoyable summer. As always American Pool will continue to envision new ways to grow and master our services, with the customer in mind.