You may have noticed us sharing the news about many of our American Pool community activities in recent months. As our organization continues to grow, we recognize that our industry leadership in aquatics can also translate to opportunities to benefit society. Our operating teams are passionate about finding ways to support local causes that can benefit from our action such as the Special Olympics and Hurricane Relief. Over the last year American Pool also introduced a new program that is near and dear to all of our hearts- Swim For Success.

Swim for Success is a water safety program developed by the American Pool family of companies. We are also actively looking for other organizations that we can partner with to help reduce the risk of drowning among at risk populations. Swim for Success is to help those in underserved communities by providing water safety instruction and educate children and families who may not otherwise have the opportunity. While the program got its launch with the Boys & Girls Clubs we are also actively looking for partners that already work with these populations so that we can lend our energy and expertise to their great work.

Sadly, three children die as a result of drowning each day. More children between the ages of 1-4 die from drowning than any congenital birth defect. In our minds, these statistics are unacceptable and changeable through education and awareness of this community challenge. It was easy for us to decide that we needed to see how we could use our knowledge and experience to begin working to make a difference.

A Swim for Success class typically occurs over the course of four days, one hour each day. We work with our host partners to promote the program, then they fill the roster and hold it in their facility. The classes are taught by American Pool’s certified lifeguards or swim instructors with guidance from our full time staff. The program is well organized so the lesson plans are ready for our staff and they can focus on delivery of the material. It’s a great way for our team to work together at all levels of the organization and connect with other safety minded groups. Our lifeguards have incredible skills and their enthusiasm for all things aquatic is undeniable.

American Pool’s Corporate Safety Director, Sabraya Isaacs,and Recruiting Director for American Pool New York, Mike Donofrio, were “on deck” this past December at the Lodi, New Jersey Boys & Girls Club for the first session of the Swim for Success program. Isaacs told us, “It was incredible to see a change in the students after just one hour in the water. They were quickly becoming more comfortable, willing to challenge themselves, and truly enjoyed the experience. I think it was easy for them to forget that they were learning about pool safety because they were having so much fun in the pool.”

Every child or family we can educate in water safety skills makes a difference in the community and our future. Stay tuned as we will continue to keep you posted on all of our activities throughout the company.

Ben Basch
CDO | American Pool Enterprises