Planning a pool renovation? You’re in luck! This week we’ve compiled a slideshow of luxury pools to get creative juices going. Get inspired and learn about how to begin the process of building (or remodeling) a luxury pool.

Photo Credit: Interior Design Inspirations

What Makes A Pool Luxurious?

Luxury is often an emotional response. It’s strong, positive emotions and a connection to a place or product that make you say, “I want this!” In pool design, we often want to recreate our favorite vacation spot because we want our pool to feel like an oasis in our busy lives.

For architects and designers, a luxury pool is defined by how well the pool’s design integrates with the surrounding environment. This means that the selection of materials, colors, and textures must all come together to form a perfectly executed project, and the “Wow” jaw-dropping client response.

Choose The Right Builder

If you’re looking to begin a new project, or update a community pool, choosing the right builder is essential. A first-class pool builder is similar to a custom home builder. This company will ensure that every component of your pool is the right choice. Each piece is thoughtfully considered to be the right choice for the project. This includes the unseen; plumbing, pumps, and filters, as well as the visual design components like tile, coping, coatings and finishes, and decking. Even the surrounding landscape will be considered, a perfectly executed pool will not feel luxurious if the landscaping and surroundings compete with it.

Communication Is Key

Communication is the first step to making your pool a luxurious escape. Meet and interview with builders and designers and discuss your vision for the project. This allows the builder to understand your needs and wants. If the builder understands the vision you’re conveying, you can be confident they will be able to communicate it to the entire pool-building team. The key to complete success is maintaining clear communication among the property owner or manager, builder, and every subcontractor on the job.

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