There are many details to take into account when managing a commercial pool. Pool coping is an aspect of your facility’s pool that is important for the safety of guests and cleanliness of pool water. It serves both functional and aesthetic purposes. Coping is the material above the tile line that generally covers the top of the pool structure. It covers the concrete edges of the bond beam and hides the metal projection from the walls. Just like every other aspect of your facility’s pool, coping needs to be properly maintained on a regular basis to ensure a quality pool experience for guests.

Importance of Pool Coping

Pool coping serves multiple purposes for both aesthetic and functional reasons. Coping directs splashout away from pools and into deck drains. This keeps contaminants, grass, leaves, dirt, and other debris from entering the pool. It also creates a non-skid surface near the pool’s edge. This helps ensure swimmers’ safety by reducing the risk of slips while entering and exiting the pool.

In addition to the functionality that pool coping offers, it also serves aesthetic purposes. Pool coping integrates the finish and the tile of the pool. Because there are many different types of coping offered, it gives an additional opportunity to personalize your facility’s pool design. Commercial pools tend to opt for coping with a bull nose or rounded edge finish. This type of coping is safer than a sharper finish, and it helps prevent bumps and scrapes.

How Damage Occurs

Slight damage to coping is expected from the wear and tear of regular pool use. Wear and tear of coping is substantial and inevitable, because it’s heavily used daily. Swimmers constantly step on coping to enter and exit the pool. Pool equipment (like vacuums) also contributes to regular wear and tear.

Dangers of Damaged Pool Coping

Because wear and tear is inevitable, pool coping damages need to be regularly addressed. Potential dangers of unresolved damages include water seeping under parts of damaged pool coping. This is especially dangerous if your facility is located in a region with lower temperatures. In such cases, water that gets beneath the coping could potentially freeze. Because water expands when frozen, it can further loosen other parts of the coping and even cause erosion under the deck.

Pool Coping Maintenance

Coping maintenance should be done by a certified pool professional to ensure efficiency. Don’t try to execute coping repairs on your own. If you choose to work with a full service pool company, monthly consultations are typically offered with the package. During these consultations, your pool professional will evaluate many details including coping, and determine if maintenance or repairs are necessary. If your pool professional finds cracks in the coping or other developing issues, they are able to provide expert insight on what repairs need to be done. Repairs should be done immediately so that small, inexpensive problems don’t turn into large, pricey burdens. It’s also a good idea to keep an eye out for cracks and make sure your pool coping remains clean in between consultations.

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